CRAIG 1300™ is a game-changing suite of community risk assessment (CRA) dashboard tools, uniquely aligned with the NFPA 1300 standards, that enable you to quickly and easily generate and visualize critical insights into your community and state.

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protect and serve your communities

Focus on your unique risks, hazards, and capacities.

NFPA Community Profile
Speed to Insights

Make informed risk decisions with data-driven intelligence.

  • Provide visibility across all 9 categories of community data in NFPA 1300, the nationally recognized standard that includes population, housing, income, health, and more.
  • Lighten the lift for your CRR team by crunching the numbers and quickly providing the critical insights you need for more effective and efficient planning, resource allocation, and risk mitigation.
NFPA HousingEnv Profile
Interactive, Friendly Experience

Build trust and transparency with data made for people.

  • Share rich visualizations like maps, charts, and graphs to illustrate local demographic, geographic, economic, and capacity indicators.
  • Leverage push-button publishing with PDF, image, and data export options to create reports and share presentations.
  • Enjoy the web-based, mobile-friendly, and WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant experience powered by mySidewalk and expand data accessibility for your audiences.
NFPA Incident Profile
Flexible to Your Needs

Leverage CRR tools that meet you where you are.

  • Take advantage of learnings from 300 fire departments that piloted versions of the CRAIG dashboards.
  • Choose the data you want to see and how you
    want to see it, with options to add your own incident data.
  • Distinct product options fit your specific needs and budget at the local, county, and state levels.


find the risk solution for you


Which dashboard is right for me?

Versions of CRAIG 1300 have been built for local and regional agencies as well as state Fire Marshal offices and safety departments, all aligned with NFPA 1300. Meet your community's risk reduction needs with a focus on critical indicators, include your own incident data, and incorporate your own initiatives into your CRAIG dashboard.


Lift your community risk work instantly despite limited time, budget, or data.

This turnkey dashboard lets you quickly and easily access datasets and turn them into insights into the unique risks, hazards, and capacities of your community without you having to input any of your own data.

  • Provides fingertip data to tell your community story through the lens of 9 community profiles outlined in NFPA 1300.
  • Includes option to add unique service boundaries typically found in fire districts or city departments that would like to display their mutual aid areas in their maps.


Quickly and easily identify unique characteristics of your counties and state, including geospatial analytics. Complete with automatic updates.


Use your incident data alongside community data for holistic risk planning.

This expanded dashboard enables you to incorporate your own local incident data so you can overlay your understanding of community indicators with knowledge about response history to better plan fire and life safety initiatives.

  • Get all the features outlined in CRAIG 1300™ PRO and include your local incident data.
  • Includes unique boundaries, station points, and fire department incident data spanning 3 years.
  • Support the CRA needed for the accreditation process.

393352665-craig-1300_state-plus_rgb_hi-res_05-06-22Access everything included in CRAIG 1300 State PRO, plus NFIRS data and 5 additional custom indicators to support your state's public safety programs and needs with data-driven CRR plans.


Customize a community risk assessment dashboard to your community’s needs.

Build a fully customized dashboard to realize your own CRA vision by including all the elements that are unique to you, as well as your departmental incident data so you can achieve a 360° understanding of where incidents are occurring most to inform reduction strategies and programs.
  • “Fit-for-purpose” dashboard that enables CRR teams to build a tool tailored to their specific needs and vision.
  • All features outlined in PRO and PLUS are available, with custom data/content additions and enhancements.
  • Scoped and quoted on a case-by-case basis.
393352700-craig-1300_state-flex_rgb_hi-res_05-06-22Build dashboards featuring self-selected critical elements unique to your state's risk reduction initiatives—even equip state and local agencies and community partners to produce dashboards on demand.

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